1000 steps

We went to get our biometric fingerprints done at the US immigration paperwork office in Birmingham last week. Upon entering, I immediately noticed two things. The first thing I noticed was that the guard checking us in had a US flag patch sewn onto his uniform upside down, or inside out, or something… point is, it wasn’t right. It looked like this:

I found this odd considering where we were, but decided not to say anything.

The second thing I noticed was how nice everyone was. I guess I was expecting a DMV type experience. But we were greeted with smiles and friendly hellos, and the guard guy kept calling Jon “chief.”  All this to say, step 629 ended up being a rather pleasant one. So take heart, all of you who will someday visit this office in your quest to adopt. Sure, you will be asked to leave your phone in the car, and finish your coffee outside… but they make up for this minor annoyance with smiling faces and seeing you within 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment time… A good deal if you ask me ;)

The day after we got our fingerprints done, we were encouraged by another surprise. Our friends, Jenny and Stephen Riddle, who we have been ½ step behind since we started the adoption process, had done their fingerprints just the week before we did. And the very next week, much to their surprise, received their USCIS approval! This is unheard of speed on the part of the US government, and we hope this is an indication that ours might go through quickly as well. This is the very last step on the US side of things for us, so we are anxious to get it done so we can get our dossier to OC!

In the meantime, we are submitting our application to Lifesong for Orphans. If you haven’t heard about this little gem of an organization, please check them out! Lifesong partners with churches to help families raise funds for their adoption and is actually one of the only assistantce programs that we will be able to apply for since we are doing an independent adoption. They have some awesome opportunities that we are really excited about, one in particular is called Both Hands. Please continue to pray for the financials of our adoption, and pray that God will provide through Lifesong in whatever way he sees fit.

You can pretty much divide the adoption process into 8-10 major steps (similar to what we have done in the nifty progress bar at the bottom of our homepage). But realistically, it is made up of what seems like hundreds of little steps. Ordering a birth certificate. Signing a document. Getting a document corrected, and then signing it again (repeat x 100). I could go on… but then you might stop reading. Point is, there are hundreds of little steps in the adoption process. And while I don’t know the exact number, I like to pretend I do, and pretend I know exactly where I am at all times. Therefore, I’ve determined 1000 steps are necessary to get our little girl safely tucked into bed for her first night at home. Step 630, here we come!




  1. I hope you get approval quickly too! Sometimes it seems like a lottery as to how quickly the gov’t will work for you. But, I agree that everyone there was so nice!

    A quick note, though. The flag does look backwards, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. You will notice that it looks like that on military uniforms, too. I’m not sure why, but if you were to look at it from the other side (which you can’t b/c we don’t have x-ray vision), it would be right. And, for some reason, that’s why they are that way. I could probably look it up and find out more, but that’s what I know now, having gone to a military college.

    • Jenny thank you for shedding some light on the flag encounter. I must admit, at first I thought you were a little confused yourself, but upon doing a quick google search I have confirmed: you are perfectly fine, the US government however…. ;)

      • Hahahahahaha! That was a good laugh this morning!

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