Counting it all joy

There’s no other way to put it: this week is a killer. It’s one of those rare phenomenons when everything in your life, and I do mean EVERYTHING, comes down to a single week… or more accurately, a single 4 day “weekend.” I’m actually surprised I’m even taking the time to write this post… but people like Jenny Riddle have made me feel like a horrible blogger (daily updates from China… could we set the bar any higher, Jenny?) But the thing is, it’s been great being included in the journey the Riddles are on.  And I would like to do a better job of including all of you in our journey… in our process, not just the major updates. That being said, there’s a good chance I’ll go right back to twice a year headlines after this. Sorry friends.

But this week is one of those weeks when I begin to question what I was thinking when I looked at my calendar and said, “Yep, there’s a good date for our Both Hands project.” To be honest, there were a lot of good reasons why we picked this date, and a lot of reasons why we couldn’t pick a different date… but, in the end, it’s resulted in a week where there are literally not enough hours in the day. Especially for my husband. This week just happens to be the week prior to Secret Church AND Easter Sunday at Brook Hills. And Jon’s schedule started getting Cuh-RAZY around mid last week when he started going in a little early, staying a little late, and couldn’t really take a day off over the weekend. Then Monday hit. And 10 hour days turned into 14+, with no break in sight. All of this leading to that weekend I was referring to. It looks something like this:

Friday: Secret Church. Translation: Jon works 7am – 1am. Yes, that’s 17 hours folks.

Saturday: Get up at 7am and be on site ready to do 9+ hours of manual labor. aka Both Hands project day.

Sunday: Easter… this means 4 services instead of the normal 3 for my dear husband.

Monday: get up and drive 11 hours to Houston (oh yea, I forgot to mention we have a wedding the following week)

As we were lying in bed last night Jon reached over and set his alarm for the next morning. “What time do you have to get up?” I asked. “In 5 hours” he replied. UGH. As I was telling him I was sorry and how worried I was that he would be an absolute zombie by the time we got to Saturday, he says “Well, I’m just really thankful that the reason I’m only getting 5 hours of sleep all week is because of what I’m getting to do at Brook Hills and because we’re adopting.”

There’s a glass half full statement for ya. I was really surprised that he thought to say that…at 11:00 Monday night after working 14 hours. And I really appreciated and admired him for saying that. For having that attitude. And it’s so true. We could be working hard for, and not getting enough sleep over, a lot of things in life… a lot of things that don’t matter, things that have no eternal value whatsoever. How grateful I am that God has graciously given us work to do, and tasks to focus our lives and energy on, that DO matter. That DO have eternal value. And that no matter how exhausted or spent we are, we can count it all joy.

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  1. I am praying for The Lord to give you supernatural stamina. I love the blog and update.

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